01 May 2009

Photo Friday: Halloran's Hill

Kids love the adventure playground at Halloran's Hill

Unique public art is a feature of the Halloran's Hill picnic area

Native wildlife, like this red-legged pademelon, are often seen here

The rainforest walking trail is great for families with children to explore

The play area features a number of different activities including this path with animal footprint trails

Halloran's Hill is one of my favourite spots to for for a picnic in the Cairns Highlands. It's a little off the beaten track, as you drive through the streets of Atherton to find it, but once you get there its certainly worth the effort. Read more

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  1. what fun, peace!! i love the colors.

  2. What a great park. It looks super kid friendly, and that's hard to find sometimes.
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  3. Another post of yours that pulls me to Australia! Thank you for sharing this. I love those animal footprint trails.

  4. I love the animals and animal-track trail..so such unusual animals compared to what I'm used to seeing here in Detroit :)

  5. Those are great photos!
    I have to admit I didn't even know that such an animal as a pademelon existed. But now I do :)

  6. Anonymous02 May, 2009

    G'day Peace, this is a wonderful blog & the tablelands are a beautiful area, there is only one thing I disagree with & that is the term "Cairns Highlands" it's really the "Atherton Tablelands"


  7. This looks like a tonic for the nature-challenged! Sounds like it has it all: playgrounds, picnicing and trails. Wonderful!