23 January 2009

The Wonderful Whitsundays

1. Conway Beach 2. Shute Harbour 3. Whitsunday Lodge B & B 4. Cedar Creek Falls 5. theBicentennial Walkway 6. Lunch at Montes Reef Resort 7. Goanna in Conway Ranges National Park 8. The island view from Shute Harbout Lookout.

We were recently down in Australia’s Whitsundays region and I have to admit there’s a lot to love about this beautiful region as we discovered whilst exploring Airlie Beach, Conway National Park, Dingo Beach and surrounds with the kids! Read more

1. Adventure Whitsunday Park Fun 2. Shute Harbour 3. Adventure Whitsunday Playground 4. Adventure Whitsunday Pool 5. Gloucester Island from Hydeaway Bay 6. Bicentennial Walkway 7. Hydeaway Bay 8. Airlie Beach Markets

22 January 2009

Flecker Botanical Gardens

The Flecker Botanical Gardens, Cairns are a beautiful place to visit. There is a superb collection of tropical flowering plants, both native and exotic, to be seen here.

My kids love exploring the gardens and playing hide and seek amongst the greenery. There are always interesting little creatures for them to spot too, like butterflies, dragonflies and frogs. Read more

13 January 2009

Discover the magic of Australia's outback

About 2 hours west of Cairns, the landscape gets drier and the lush rainforest becomes the bush, and before you know it you're in the outback. You'll find places like Chillagoe with its amazing limestone caves and aboriginal artwork, the healing thermal waters of Innot Hot Springs, the ancient volcanic lava tubes of Undara and Mount Mulligan and the historic Tyrconnell Gold Mine. Read more

09 January 2009

Photo Friday - Island Life

This picture is a favourite of mine, of my youngest son taken at Russell Island a coral island of the Great Barrier Reef in the Franklin Islands group not too far from Cairns, Australia.

The island has a large natural lagoon, pictured here, which has coral, sea cucumbers, little crabs, fish and seastars, its quite shallow so its perfect for kids to explore. The island also has a large hill covered with thick rainforest, with a trail which takes you right up to the unmanned lighthouse at the top and has gorgeous views across the ocean and back to the coast. It's quite an adventure climibing the track though as it is often overgrown by wait-a-while and other vines, and populated by huge golden orb spiders and large colonies of noisy bats!

This post is part of a collection of travel photos featured at Delicious Baby, please click the link to see more great family travel pictures from around the world. A big thank you to Debbie at DeliciousBaby.com for organising this.

05 January 2009

Exploring the Misty Moutains

We visited the beautiful Misty Mountains recently for a picnic and a swim at the South Johnstone Campground. We were so enchanted by the rainforest that we ended up spending the day exploring the area. Read more

04 January 2009

Green family travel in Australia

Fancy green family travel in Australia? Cairns Family Holidays offers exciting family-friendly packages in tropical North Queensland

One package is cruises by Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises, which has received the highest level of certification in Eco Tourism Australia’s Climate Action Certification Program. On Green Island, families can experience lush, tropical island life and the spectacular Great Barrier Reef.
The carbon neutral company reduces emissions and offsets remaining ones through
Greenfleet Australia. Passengers can also offset their carbon footprint at cruise check-in.
For more info, visit
Cairns Family Holidays online.

Article courtesy of Traveling the green way

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