12 June 2009

Photo Friday: Travelling Family

This picture is of our friends, the Rhodes family. Three years ago they set out on a journey with their then 2 children. They sold everything, their house, their furniture, all of their whitegoods, bought a 4wd and a camper trailer and hit the road. They wanted to see Australia but they had no set time to return home to Perth or a firm decision either way that they actually would.

They drove all the way from Perth in South Western Australia north to Darwin, a 4 400 km trip, stopping along the way to explore all sorts of interesting places in between. They stayed in Darwin for a few months, working here and there and also exploring the Northern Territory with Darwin as their base. They enjoyed Darwin but keen to see more of Australia they kept travelling.

They fell in love with Tropical North Queensland as soon as they had arrived and decided to settle here. They bought a house but they continued to travel, taking a 3 month trip south to see the rest of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

They returned and soon after had a new baby, this didn’t stop them travelling though and they did a number of short weekend expeditions to local places like Magnetic Island, Lake Tinaroo and Undara. This is a picture of them camping at their favourite beach, Etty Bay.

Before too long the gypsy spirit seemed to call to them again though and it was time for them to leave. So they packed up everything rented out their home and headed out on the road again. They’re currently somewhere between Boorooloola and Kalgoorlie - I think - and are on their way home to Perth some 6217km away.

We loved getting to know this inspiring, adventurous, free-spirited, travelling family and hope we can come and visit them in Western Australia sometime soon too!