23 April 2009

Photo Friday: Exploring Cooktown

The quaint Grassy Hill Lighthouse

The amazing view of Cooktown & the Endeavour River from the Grassy Hill Lookout

Finch Bay

Alex enjoyed exploring the Cooktown museum

The Cooktown Musuem

These are some photos from our recent trip to Cooktown. We would have liked some more time to explore this unique area but we did get to see a few interesting places. They have a great museum where we learnt more about the Aboriginal culture as well as Cook's landing and European settlement of the region, the view from Grassy Hill is exquisite and we could see all the way to Alkoomie Station. We also enjoyed exploring Finch Bay just a short walk from the leafy avenues of the Cooktown Botanical Gardens and the local Visitor information Centre which includes an interpretive area, a gallery, giftshop and cafe.

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  1. Stunning photography - yep, want to come and visit!

  2. I love the little lighthouse. Being from Michigan, I'm quite the lighthouse fan...and I've written about our Great Lakes lights many times. Your Grassy Hill light looks quite different from our Great Lakes lights.