07 March 2009

Let's Get Wild!

Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve is a 35 minute drive west of Cairns and just 10 minutes from Kuranda in the Cairns Highlands region.

The Safari Reserve has exotic animals from India, Africa, Asia and America. They have hippos, lemurs, monkeys, emus, cheetahs, bears, rhinos, tigers and the stars of the park - a pride of lions! Read more

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  1. you always make me want to come and explore!

  2. Cute lemur photo!

    It's nice that they have a regular schedule of feedings and talks. We've seen this occasionally at our zoo, but I think we have nearly as many regularly scheduled talks. Last one I remember seeing was not too long before we sent our elephants to a reserve...a few years ago.

  3. Looks like a fun place.

  4. nice itinerary!

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