20 February 2009

Photo Friday - The Big Mango

I'm not sure why but it seems we do love BIG things in Australia!

This is one of my favourites 'The Big Mango', located in Bowen, Queensland. You may have heard of Bowen as a lot of the filming for Baz Luhrmann's film 'Australia' happened here, the fictional property 'Faraway Downs' is in fact not too far from this wonderful Australian icon. Bowen is famous for its delicious mangoes and this is their tribute to that achievement!

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  1. Mangoes are my favorite fruit, I love these kind of sculptures. They make for great vacation photos. I know where to get some mangoes on a trip to Australia.

  2. Now I know where the mango in my mango ice tea comes from!

    Reminds me of when we were out in North Dakota...they had a lot of big roadside attractions, too. The worlds biggest buffalo...the world's biggest sandhill crane...